Fills For Other Bands and Labels

 Matrix Release
AVVC7004 Clay J Gladstone - Home For Halloween x Hate Club (Absinth Filled)
SD-019X Kisschasey - United Paper People (Liquid and Confetti Filled)
PNE369 The Amity Affliction - Not Without My Ghosts (Blood Filled and Lyric Filled)
CFR014 Terrordactyl - Extinction Event (Sand Filled and Lave Filled)
CFR025 The Stygian Complex - Suffer With Me (Blood Filled)
GOD EP 0012 Kvasir - Sagittarius A Star (Wax Mage Hydro Dip)
GOD LP 008 Kvasir - 4 (Feather and Snake Skin Filled)
GOD LP 019 Bump - The Pact
Adriatic - Krile (Feathers Filled and Black Liquid Filled)
DCI002 Anticline - Urgency (1 Off Fills) 
DCI007 Anticline - Jagged Type (Liquid Fills)