The StiffCut Records Releases

StiffCut Records Releases are Lathe Cut Records. All cut 1 at a time by hand


Matrix  Release
SCR001 Alera - Beware The Snake
SCR002 Moved to SCRDD
SCR003 For This Cause - Journeys
SCR004 A Little Province
SCR006 Alera x Cherish
SCR007 Empire Within - Protagonist / Taken
SCR008 Vinyl Official and Friends
SCR009 Sedative - Death Romantic
SCR010 Adriatic - Deaths Funeral
SCR011 Alera X Headwreck
SCR012 Dollarosa - The Neverending Unfamiliar
SCR013 Alera - WWNK/Flowers Lathe
SCR014 Alera - Never Meant To Go This Way
SCR015 Some Heard Trouble - Sweet Tooth
SCR016 Some Heard Trouble
SCR017 80's Babies Vol 2
SCR018 JJ 7"