Scars Have Faded

A Collection

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The Dream Division is thrilled to unveil our latest release:

Scars Have Faded - A Collection

Limited to just 130 copies we have spread it across the following variants:

  • /10 Clear
  • /20 Clear w/ Hand-Numbered Alt J Card
  • /15 Plant Filled 
  • /10 Quad Hydrodip
  • /50 Label Burst! (Please note: Mock-ups are just an example colours are random from the plant)
  • /25 WAX MAGE!!!! (This needs no introduction .. these will be WILD)
  • 40 Random Colour WAX!!! Note these are random from the plant .. 50% of these are crazy verging on starburst !!! There’s a 1 in 2 chance of getting a super spicy colour!

Please note, a limit to one of each variant per household! We want to spread the love far and wide, so no multiples allowed.

Approximate 6-month delivery time. Stay tuned for updates along the way .And remember, while mock-ups may vary, we're dedicated to making it look as close to the mock-ups as possible

Lastly!, the Plant Filled and Hydrodip are made here at SCR head quarters. These will ship approx. 3-4 weeks AFTER the pressing has arrived.

Get those fast fingers ready